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Yamaha Cornets

A cornet is a brass instrument similar to a trumpet, but with a condensed shape and mellower tone. It is usually tuned to B♭, but a soprano cornet is tuned to E♭.

The instrument features a conical bore, starting with a small mouthpiece and widening towards the bell. This is the same as French horns, euphoniums and tubas, but the opposite of trumpets, which have a cylindrical bore.

The cornet is a popular instrument which is used across a number of musical genres, including:

  • Brass bands
  • Concert bands
  • Orchestral
  • Jazz

This instrument is recognised as one of the most popular in the family of brass instruments, especially with beginners and children due to its compact size.

The difference between cornets and trumpets is essentially the physical appearance of the instrument, or the tubing. Cornets are much smaller and lightweight, than trumpets, making them easier to travel with.

Yamaha is a popular cornet manufacturer and have been making instruments since the late 19th century. They range from student cornets to those played by professionals, and also range in price from entry level to premium. 

Yamaha produce a range of cornets, including:

B♭ Cornet

  • Most common pitch
  • Mellow tone
  • Ideal for brass bands, military bands and jazz
  • Beginner models – YCR-2330, YCR-2330S
  • Professional model – YCR-8335

C Cornet

  • Ideal for orchestras
  • Gives a comfortable transition between trumpet and cornet
  • YCR-9435 – a model created with Chicago Symphony Orchestra

E♭ Cornet

  • Also called a soprano cornet
  • Ideal for brass bands
  • Brighter sound
  • Perfect 4th higher than a standard cornet
  • Mellow sound in high register
  • Popular model –YCR-8620

There is a full range of accessories available to buy for your Yamaha cornet, including:

  • Hard cases
  • Soft cases 
  • Stands
  • Mutes
  • Mouthpieces
  • Valve oil

Looking after your cornet with regular maintenance will ensure an optimum lifespan.

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