Yamaha Electro Acoustic Guitars 

Yamaha is a company known for manufacturing many different products, including musical instruments. As well as a well-known range of electric guitars Yamaha also produces acoustic and electro acoustic guitars.

Electric, or electro acoustic, guitars are typically the same as acoustic guitars however they have a built in pickup system or microphone and can be plugged into an amplifier of speaker.  This makes them more ideal than acoustic guitars in situations where a lot of volume is needed such as live performances.

Yamaha offers a range of electro acoustic models from entry-level very affordable guitars to higher spec models more suited to regular performers.

Some of Yamaha’s electro acoustic guitars include:

FSX Series

  • FSX models feature a smaller body – ideal for beginners, younger players and finger style players
  • Cutaway allowing for easier access to higher frets
  • Undersaddle Piezo pickup

APX Series

  • Thin body and cutaway designed to make transferring between electric and acoustic guitar easier
  • Cutaway allows for better access to higher frets
  • All models feature Yamaha designed pickup systems
  • Affordable, particularly the models lower in the range

LLX Series

  • Was the top of Yamaha’s electro acoustic range of guitars before being discontinued
  • Dreadnought body shape
  • Pre-aged spruce tops with the intention of capturing the tonal qualities of an older instrument
  • Yamaha designed ART pickup system

CPX Series

  • Features bodies constructed from spruce tops coupled with flamed maple back and sides
  • All models have cutaways allowing for easier access to the higher frets
  • Features the ART pickup system

A Series

  • A range of models made from different tone woods
  • Features the SRT pickup system
  • Built for performance both plugged and unplugged

If you are a performing musician like many of Yamaha’s electro acoustic guitars are designed for you need to protect your instrument while travelling to and from gigs.

The best way to do this is by travelling with your guitar in a well-padded gig bag or hard case. If your guitar didn’t come with one make sure the case you’re planning on buying is suitable and will fit your specific instrument appropriately.