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Got one to sell?

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Yamaha Snare Drums

Yamaha snare drums are a premium percussion instrument to add to your existing drum kit

Yamaha drums, a subsidiary of the Yamaha corporation, was founded in 1967 and aside from manufacturing entire kits, separate drums can be purchased, one of which is the snare.  

Yamaha Loud series snare drums have a sharp, snappy tone due to the high quality skins and oak body. The Yamaha Loud is favoured by rock drummers due to its huge sound output. The Yamaha Concert snare is another popular drum with an intense tone.

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, a typical Yamaha snare is a stunning addition to a basic kit, adding the signature Yamaha sound to your drum expertise. 

What to expect from your Yamaha snare drum

  • Stunning design and wide range of colours and effects
  • Oak bodied drum for optimal sound 
  • High end price range for professional quality
  • Vintage Yamaha snares to appeal to serious collectors
  • Sensitive skin suitable for jazz and brush work
  • Signature series available
  • Yamaha Stage Custom features steel body

Caring for your Yamaha snare drum

Due to the expensive nature of Yamaha snare drums, it is advisable that a solid case be purchased for transportation and travel. This will ensure protection for the sensitive skin and highly glossed body of the drum. 

Yamaha hard cases are available, but may prove more expensive than an unbranded one. If you decide against a hard case, blankets can provide some protection when travelling with your Yamaha snare drum. 

As with all instruments, taking care of your Yamaha snare drum will ensure it a longer life, and gentle cleaning of the shell with a non-abrasive cloth will help to keep it dust and smear free. A cream wax will help to keep a glossy shine on the shells and prevent smudges and grime.

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