Power your Extreme Sports Lifestyle with a Yuasa Battery

To rapidly recharge your battery during competitive racing, choose a Yuasa battery. Alternatives on eBay are designed so that they deliver enough power for your engine under all conditions. A Yuasa battery is made of Lithium-iron, so it will go 2000 cycles without a problem, giving you many miles of enjoyment on your motorcycle before it wears out. 

Can a Yuasa battery hold a charge for a long time? 

A Yuasa battery has an exceptionally low self-discharge rate, and only loses 10% of its charge in a year. Charging the Yuasa battery is easy, and if you use a constant-current charger, remember to remove the vent-plugs before you begin to charge the battery. If you use a constant-potential charger, otherwise known as a smart charger, you will not need to take out the vent-plugs or the manifolds. Immediately stop charging if you notice any signs that something is wrong, such as the battery beginning to gas freely. You should also stop charging if the temperature of the battery rises above 50°C. Each Yuasa battery may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions. 

Can you charge your Yuasa battery with a car charger? 

You can charge a Yuasa battery with your car charger, since both types of batteries are usually 12 volt batteries. Despite that, it is better to use smart chargers that are rated for your Yuasa battery. If you decide to use your car charger, keep the following in mind:  

  • Large car batteries use a higher amperage for charging, and that can fry smaller Yuasa battery types.
  • Use a car charger with adjustable current settings.
  • Charge all Yuasa battery types at 2-4 Amperes.

Do all Yuasa battery types require a special position for charging? 

In most applications, Yuasa batteries should be installed in a stable setting with the battery upright, since conventional wet batteries have a liquid electrolyte that can escape the battery. Maintenance-free batteries, which are made with absorbed glass offer more flexibility, and you can use different mounting angles. This is because the electrolyte inside them is absorbed, and does not flow freely. Always bear in mind that different battery models require different positions because of their limitations. There are some situations where tilting them at extreme angles is necessary while in others you must lay them on their backs to get their optimal performance. 

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