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Zeiss Ikon Film Camera

With the emphasis on digital cameras these days, it's good to know that it's still possible to get hold of film cameras . A Zeiss Ikon film camera is one that you'll definitely be interested in.

Many photographers still prefer to use a film camera rather than the proliferation of digital devices available today. There are many reasons why they prefer film too.

Using a film camera is a great way to learn how to use your camera properly and how elements like exposure, shutter speed and aperture work.

As a normal film roll usually takes 24 exposures, it makes you think much more about the shot you're about to take before you do so. It's better to get the shot right at the time of taking, rather than trying to fix things on your computer later.

Many people have thousands of digital photos on their computer but it's very easy to lose them. How many times have you gone to your computer to find that you've accidentally deleted the file you want or, worse, your hard drive has developed a fault and you've lost all your photos? With photos taken on film, once printed you've generally got them forever especially if you look after the negatives properly too.

With a film camera, you don't need to worry if your battery is going run out of charge or if your memory card is full. All you need is another roll or more of film.

Many photographers find that the photos they shoot on film are sharper with better colour quality and there are many other reasons why they prefer film over digital.

Zeiss Ikon film cameras are an excellent choice if you also prefer film over digital.

About Zeiss

Zeiss have been making cameras and lenses since 1890 and there's been a huge range of Zeiss Ikon cameras produced over the years so there's plenty to choose from.

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