Depend on Zero 88 For All Your Lighting Needs

Zero 88 is a company that designs and manufactures lighting control solutions for a variety of different lighting requirements, including theatrical, education, live performance, and presentation applications. Made to maximise creativity and save time, the company develops lighting products to meet unique market requirements. You can buy a Zero 88 lighting solution for all of your lighting needs on eBay. 

What range of lighting consoles does Zero 88 offer? 

Zero 88 produces many different series of lighting console products.  

  • Solution consoles are all-around consoles that offer generic dimming control as well as 200 moving lights.
  • The Solutions XL is a bigger console that includes 600 submasters and 296 devices.
  • FLX is a portable full-featured lighting console designed for live events, touring productions, educational applications, and multi-purpose venues.
  • The FLX S24 is a portable unit that features a robust moving light and an LED controller enclosed in a compact 19-inch casing.
  • The FLX S48 offers hands-on, intuitive control over 96 fixtures. It has double the power of the S24 and includes a touch-monitor that allows seamless access to palettes of the show.
  • The ZerOS WING is made for simple set up and usage. They do not require any difficult configurations, settings, or connections. Plugging in a ZerOS via USB can instantly upgrade it.
  • Rack-mounted and fully-featured, the SCD Server Pro is made for large network and performance installations.
  • Juggler and Level 6 are manual devices.

Are Zero 88 products user-friendly? 

All Zero 88 offerings are intuitive and user-friendly. Since the products employ standard syntax, Zero 88’s products will feel familiar from the start. They're designed so that new users can quickly learn how to use them. Experienced professionals can seamlessly program complex lighting effects. Zero 88's uncomplicated menus ensure instant access to commands and information, and the creative UI design lets you execute complex commands with minimal keystrokes. 

What types of light switching and dimming technology is used? 

Zero 88’s Chilli Pro range lets you control building-wide lighting. Besides dimming, the control cabinets also deliver relay switching and hot power. The range comes in 24, 12, 6, and 4-channel packages with capacities ranging from 10Ah to 25Ah. In addition, there are many optional features as well, including RCD protection, bypass switches, relay channels, and HF dimming. 

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