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Complete Your Round in Comfort and Style with Adidas Golf Trousers

As every golfer knows, playing a round of golf isn’t just a walk in the park. It can be quite a gruelling undertaking, so the more comfortable you feel in your golfing apparel, the more enjoyable the round, and the better your chances of performing at your best. Adidas golf trousers are designed exactly for those purposes, and there’s no better place to choose a new or second-hand pair than from the wide range available on eBay

. How do Adidas golf trousers protect you from the elements?

Adidas employs several patented fabric technologies in the manufacture of their golf trousers. These include:

  • Climalite: Climalite provides an effective wicking action. Sweat from your legs is drawn through the fabric pores to the outside of the trousers, where it promptly evaporates leaving your legs comfortably dry and cool.
  • Climachill: Climachill and its predecessor, Climacool are treatments that offer effective moisture control and ventilation in hot weather.
  • Climaproof: Adidas Climaproof is a fabric treatment that provides a good measure of rain resistance.
  • Climawarm: Climawarm is an insulating fabric treatment that traps heat and keeps your legs comfortably warm when playing a round in cold weather.
  • UV protection: Lightweight, long trousers are no guarantee of protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet light on bright, sunny days. That’s why Adidas has incorporated UV protection into the fabric of their golf trousers.
Style features

Among the Adidas golf trouser range you can find a variety of style features that are useful, Choose a pair offering the features you prefer, which include: zipped front and back pockets, zipped fly, stretchable waistbands, and stylishly tapered, ankle hugging bottoms.

Colour and size range

Given the company’s reputation for producing fashionable sportswear, you can expect to find a sizeable range of attractive colours including black, grey, blue, green, and white in their golf trousers. Adidas golf trousers are available in slim, regular, and loose fits and they range in size from 30” to 40” plus L and XL. See the manufacturer site for details.

How should Adidas golf trousers be washed?

New Adidas golf trousers will always include washing instruction, which you should follow. Second-hand Adidas golf trousers, however, might not have them included, so the advice is to use a cool wash cycle with a mild detergent and turn the trousers inside out to prevent pilling. In addition, fabric softener shouldn’t be used when washing Adidas golf trousers as it can adversely affect the protective fabric treatments used in the trousers’ manufacture.