agricultural building

Agricultural Buildings Are a Necessity on a Farm

Depending on the type and size of farm you have, you will want different dedicated types of farm buildings that can house your particular animals and crops and their related activities. Your farm may have animals, produce, or both. You will not only need buildings that are for specific purposes, but you will also want to find agricultural buildings for sale that are safe and secure for your livestock, produce, and equipment.

What are the types of agricultural buildings?

Whether you have an established farm or are starting a new one, you will need to have certain prescribed buildings that suit your farming activities. These are some of the main types of buildings that farms will typically need:

  • Barn - The barn is a standard structure and is present on almost every farm. A barn is a large structure, usually designed with stalls, shelves, and ledges attached to the inside walls and with large, open spaces in the middle. A barn can house animals, feed, and equipment.
  • Piggery - A piggery protects the pigs from extreme weather and provides bedding and food. An outside pen is usually attached.
  • Silo - A silo is a large structure that stores solid materials in bulk. The building is often filled with grain for sale or fermented grain for feed.
  • Crib - Cribs are large bins used to store grain, hay, or other types of feed for livestock.
  • Grain elevator - An elevator possesses some type of conveyor or bucket elevator that moves the grain. A grain elevator will usually move grain into an adjacent silo or another storage container.
  • Laying house - These structures house the poultry and provide places for the hens to lay eggs.
  • Mews - Mews are stables for horses. These structures usually house not only the horses but also have small amounts of feed and various types of horse-care tools and products.
  • Milking Shed - A milking shed is a structure that is for milking the cows. Milk production can be from machines or by hand.
Types of storage silos Storage silos come in three basic types: tower, bunker, or bag. Tower silos are the most common and range in size from four to 48 metres in diameter and three to 40 metres in height. They are made of cement, wood, concrete, and other materials. Bunker silos are trenches of concrete walls that are filled and packed by tractors and loaders. The filled trench is covered with a plastic tarp. Bag silos are plastic, hermetic bags or tubes that range in size from two to 21 metres in diameter. Can agricultural buildings be pre-fabricated?

You can either erect new agricultural buildings yourself from the ground up, hire contractors to erect the buildings or purchase agricultural steel frame buildings outright or from prefabricated kit form agricultural buildings. Building kits are great ways to get the exact type of building you need and are inexpensive. If you are looking for other types of bargains, a used building can be an option if you can transport it in whole or pieces to your farm.