bench squat rack

Build Muscle at Home with a Bench Squat Rack

Lifting weights is the perfect exercise for building a strong and muscular body. Strength training is essential for men and women who want to be strong, have an impressive physique, and prevent joint problems as they grow older. Weight training helps to build bone density and will keep you trim. However, visiting a commercial gym can be a tedious experience, as there are often long waits to get a shot on the equipment. Cut your time spent at the gym in half with a bench squat rack, giving you all the tools you need to effectively strength train at home, at your own convenience, without any of the waiting around. You can find the right one for you for sale on eBay.

What should you consider before purchasing a bench squat rack?

The wide range of equipment options available can be confusing. To make sure you get the right squat rack for you, its worth considering the following factors before purchase:

  • Barbells/Dumbbells: A squat rack and a bench are designed to be used with a loaded barbell or a dumbbell, so you should factor this into your budget. You can find a wide range of used and new barbells and dumbbells available on eBay.
  • Space available: Its important that you ensure you have enough space available for a squat rack and a bench, as these take up quite a bit of real estate. It is worth measuring your space and checking the dimensions before buying.
  • Working out alone: If you prefer to work out by yourself, its highly recommended you purchase a rack with safety bars. This means that you are protected if you fail a rep, as the safety bar will catch the weight and prevent any injuries.
  • Weight: You should make sure that the bench included will handle the combined weight of your body and the weight you will be lifting. You will find this information available on the manufacturers website
Can you do pull-ups on a bench squat rack?

Some racks will come with a bar with grips at the top of the rack that enable you to do bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups. Its also worth checking the specific manufacturers website, as some will sell add-on grips separately.

Can you adjust the bench?

Most benches will be adjustable, enabling you to hit your muscles at an incline for maximum effect. However, some cheaper models dont include this, so you should double check the one youre looking at does if you require this feature.