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BiOrb Aquarium Filters

BiOrb aquarium filters are designed to keep your fish healthy with the minimum effort required. Regular filtration maintenance is essential to keep the water in your tank fresh and clean.

Differences between service kits and filter media

  • Service kits – for optimal fish health the filter in your aquarium should be changed every 4-8 weeks. Service kits include everything that you need to clean the aquarium and prepare the water with minimal fuss. Simply replace the filter cartridge and enjoy observing your happy fish
  • Filter media – biological filtration systems help to ensure the health and wellbeing of your fish. The media is designed to absorb aquarium pollution in between filter changes

How to choose filter media

The type of filter media that you choose will impact on the health of the livestock that you keep, and will determine how much aquarium maintenance is required. 

The filtration system is responsible for filtering out waste, toxic compounds and leftover food that may be hazardous to your fish. 

Choose from biological, chemical and mechanical options:

  • Biological – Biological filtration involves converting different types of bacteria. The effectiveness of the filter is determined by the available surface area for bacterial growth in the aquarium, plus the oxygen content of the water
  • Chemical – Chemical filtration systems removes toxic waste as the water passes through a chemical media or resin
  • Mechanical – Aquarium water is mechanically forced through a media that catches the tiny particles of toxic waste

Different types of aquarium filters

  • Service kits – Comprehensive and easy to use kits that include all that you need
  • Filter media – Ceramic filter media is made from a lightweight, porous foamed material that easily absorbs bacterial waste in the aquarium
  • Replacements filters – High quality activated carbon replacement filters help to improve the quality of the aquarium’s water. The filters remove fishy odours and pollution and help to clear turbid water
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