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Car tyres to get you rolling

It is important to choose the right car tyre for your vehicle. You need to consider size, average driving conditions and average driving distance to make sure it's the perfect tyre for your driving needs. You're sure to find the perfect car wheels, tyres and trims right here on eBay, from off road tyres to those suited to everyday driving. 

Tyre sizes

You can find the size required on the wall of the existing tyres or in your vehicle';s handbook. There should be four numbers that show the width, profile, rim diameter and load, as well as the speed rating. 

How tyres are measured

The width of the tyre is measured in millimetres. The profile is the height of the tyre wall in relation to the width and is presented as a percentage. The lower the percentage, the wider the tyre. Rim diameter is the diameter of the wheel that the tyre fits onto in inches. Load and speed rating is shown as a number and a letter, the number is the maximum load of each tyre and the letter represents the maximum speed. 

Tyre quality

All tyres on sale in the UK will meet the required safety standards but there are different qualities to suit different budget and driving requirements. The choices are premium, mid range and budget. The higher the quality, the more mileage it will achieve. You may also find that higher quality tyres offer a smoother driving experience. 

In dry favourable conditions, there will be no noticeable difference, but in wet and wintry conditions premium tyres have a distinct advantage. As a rough guide, premium tyres have an expected lifespan of around 15 20,000 miles whereas budget tyres last for around 8,000. 

You'll find high quality models, like Bridgestone, Continental and Goodyear car tyres, among many others. 

Top Products in Car Tyres

  • Michelin R 300285 Pilot Sport 4 225/40zr18 92y El Summer Tyre, Pack of 4
  • 1x Winter Tyre Goodyear UltraGrip Performance SUV G1 215/55r18 99v XL FP
  • 2x All Season Tyres Falken EuroAllSeason as 210 235/40r18 95v XL MFS
  • Goodyear R 281964 Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 225/45 R17 91 Y Summer Tyre
  • Continental R 271422 PremiumContact 5 205/55 R16 91v Summer Tyre
  • Goodyear R 234536 EfficientGrip Performance 205/55 R16 91 V
  • 1x Winter Tyre Nankang Winter Activa SV 3 225/55r17 101v XL
  • Pirelli R 170273 Cinturato P7 205/55 R16 91 V Summer Tyres
  • St1 981026000146136 225/50 R 17 XL CrossClimate Michelin
  • Uniroyal RainSport 3 Summer 225/40 R18 92Y XL
  • Pirelli Winter SOTTOZERO 3 235/40 R19 96v XL