Pretty mermaid blankets for adults and children

For the ultimate in cosy nights in and becoming your childhood character, a mermaid blanket is a perfect option. These snuggly and soft knitted enclosed blankets give you fantasy tail that you'll never want to take off. There is a wide selection of colours to choose from including pastel shades to mimic famous cartoon characters. Both kids and big kids will love these fantastic blankets which promise to keep your toes and legs warm as you wrap up in front of the TV. 

Perfect gift ideas

Mermaid blankets make the perfect gift, especially for the festive season. They are ideal for adults and children and provide a fun gift for those chilly winter nights. You can also grab a selection of colours, with a pink mermaid blanket being a popular choice. These mermaid blanket designs are also perfect for warm summer evenings to take the chill away while you enjoy alfresco dining and prevent the need to put shoes and thick socks on to keep warm. Fleece mermaid tails are soft and warm, ideal for long car journeys. 

Knitted design

These designs are made in premium materials, so they offer a warm and comfortable blanket option. The exciting design perfectly mimics the scales and fins of a mermaid, and if you need to get up and walk around, you can place your feet in the tail fin for minimal movement. A 100% cotton mermaid tail provides breathable comfort and is an ideal addition for relaxing in your bedroom rather than placing a heavy duvet over you. It's also great for kids that want to cosy up while watching a film with friends. 

Easy to clean

Much like your other blankets, mermaid tails are easily washable and either require just a hand or machine wash to get them looking new and smelling fresh.