Enjoy Your Shows and Movies without Restriction Using a 12V Caravan TV in Your Camper or Motor Home

While you're on the road, sometimes you begin to miss the comforts of home. A working TV is one of them for most people, as the allure of all your favourite films, shows, and more is never stronger than when you can't watch them. So long as you're not the one driving, though, you won't have to worry about their absence any longer if you use a 12V caravan TV, purchased from eBay, in your camper or another vehicle, providing excellent service while on the move. Learn more about the benefits of these products from the following questions.

How large are 12V caravan TVs?

The size of this type of TV can vary, but some of the most common for 12V varieties are 16, 20, 22, and 24-inch. There are also 7, 12, and 14-inch portable varieties that run on the same voltage when plugged in but can be used remotely by battery as well.

Are 12V caravan TVs smart TVs or have other features?

While features differ between brands and models, there are many 12V caravan TVs that have various special features and functions that set them apart from the standard television, either in your home or on the road. Some of the options you have with 12V caravan TVs you can find on eBay include:

  • Smart TV - There are plenty of smart TVs available in caravan style, giving you web access and unparalleled control even while out on the road.
  • Integrated media player - Many 12V caravan TVs come with an integrated DVD, Blu-ray, or other media players, giving you more options for what to watch in a single package. These are also set up to be able to play media from other sources as well, making for a more versatile watching experience.
  • Recorder - Some 12V caravan TVs include a feature known as PVR or personal video recorder. That lets you record what you watch on TV to an external drive to play again later at your leisure, which is especially helpful when you can't stop driving to sit down for your shows.
  • Teletext - These 12V caravan TVs can project text readouts in the Teletext style.
  • External drive support - 12V caravan TVs often have both USB and SD card support, giving you more options for saving and playing your favourite media while on the road.
What are some brands of 12V caravan TVs on eBay?

There are several brands of TV manufacturers on eBay that produce 12V caravan TVs for motor homes and other vehicles. They can include but are not limited to:

  • Unispectra
  • eSTAR
  • Cello
  • Freeview
  • Manta