Organise Your Home Office and Entertainment Systems With Cable Tidy Clips

Having a lot of TV, computer, and cable cords dangling around your house can make a room look untidy, and it also leads to tangled items that can take ages to straighten out. Cable tidy clips solve your problems by arranging any cables in discreet and organised positions. These helpful items, available right here on eBay, attach to a solid surface and let you hook or clip your cables into place. 

How does the clip attach to a surface? 

Cable tidy clips typically stick on the back of a desk, wall, or TV console near all your cords. There are several different adhesive options, including:  

  • Suction:These require you to press firmly to initially affix, and removing the air between the clip and the wall creates suction that holds it in place.
  • Screws:This style of tidy clip screws into place firmly, creating a semi-permanent organiser.
  • Adhesive:There are all sorts of sticky adhesive options. Some feature a design that avoids removing paint from a surface when you take them off.

Are tidy clips only for cords? 

Of course, the most common use for these products is to arrange various cables, but they also have plenty of other secondary uses. They can be placed on a wall to hold a toothbrush or makeup applicator in the bathroom, and they can also help to organise pens, pencils, and paintbrushes. If you have anything relatively slim and elongated, a tidy clip can help to keep it in place. 

Will these clips work with unconventional cords? 

Round cables are the most common shape, so cable tidy clips typically have a rounded slot to match the cables. However, this does not mean that they can only grasp round cords. You can also use the devices to tidy up flat or braided cords. They can accommodate different shapes since they adjust to hold a variety of sizes. 

What are the available closure types? 

As you browse on eBay, you can pick between a variety of closure methods for grasping the cord. They all manage to hold cords. Therefore, you should only select the one that you think will be right for your project. Here are the most common options:  

  • Clamps:This style grasps either side of the cord to hold it in place firmly.
  • Adjustable ties:These wrap around the cord and let you adjust the size to fit the width of the cables.
  • Press and hold:The design on these lets you push the cable into the clip, and it securely holds onto it.