Everything You Need to Know About Products for Cooking With the Bain-Marie Process

Bain-marie, French for 'Mary's bath,' is a water bath warming method designed for slow, burn-free cooking or melting. This process is used in cooking, industry, and chemistry to limit the upper temperatures of materials and provide a burn-free cook on delicate items. Find all the products you need for your own bain-marie creation on eBay.

What items do you need to create something with a bain-marie process?

Bain-marie cooking and heating requires two main elements. You must have a source of hot water that is kept at a consistent temperature and a pot to hold the item you wish to warm. The pot is submerged into the water without spilling over. Some of the items that will allow you to create your own bain-marie masterpiece can be found on eBay in new and used conditions. These include:

  • Double saucepan: This item contains both components in a single pot. Two pots nest into one another. The lower, outer pot is filled with water, and the inner pot is narrow enough for the entire cooking surface to be surrounded by heated water. This is also called a double boiler.
  • Industrial water bath: This is perfect for a large-scale operation like a confectioner's business. A large water bath has a number of holes at the top that fit specialised bain-marie pots for melting purposes.
  • Bain-marie pots and pans: These pots are typically cylindrical with a wide top lip and no handle. They are designed to fit inside a bath or on top of a pot securely for water bath cooking. They may be metal, lined metal, glass, or plastic.
What features might you find on bain-marie pots?

There are several factors to look at when choosing the right pot for your bain-marie purposes. These factors include:

  • Size: Pots vary in size to accommodate for anything from melting a bit of chocolate to doing large-scale industrial processing.
  • Measurement Gradations: Some pots offer measuring lines for precise creations.
  • Material: Stick-free surfaces for baking or contaminant-free materials for chemistry are both options you can find.
  • Shape: Choose the right shape for your water bath holder. You can do this by dimension or by brand.
What are some bain-marie accessories?

There is a wide number of accessories available to turn your regular kitchen cookware into a bain-marie. These include:

  • Stainless steel plates with hole cutouts to place pots above a water bath.
  • Tall pots in which to fit your favourite saucepan.
  • Lids and covers to turn your bain-marie pot into a storage container after use.