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Got one to sell?

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eMachines Laptop Replacement Keyboard

If your laptop keyboard is broken, instead of buying a new laptop, why not replace the keyboard? An eMachines laptop replacement keyboard, once fitted, should get your laptop up and running again in no time.

There are many replacement keyboards on the market so it is a good idea to check a few things first. Manufacturers produce many types of laptop so the keyboard may vary from model to model. It is also worth remembering that the keyboard set up in each country will differ. Ensure you check your laptop's documentation before buying. If you don't, you could end up with a poorly fitting keyboard with foreign accent keys.

Checking the layout

Look for the correct layout of keyboard when deciding which one to buy. There are different layouts for various countries that are compatible with each laptop or netbook model. This is due to the variety of languages and typing conventions found around the world.

For example, French keyboards have an AZERTY layout, as opposed to the British QWERTY. This also features a selection of accent keys that English speakers do not use. Therefore check the keyboard's description to ensure it has an English layout. Search for a laptop replacement keyboard that is laid out for 'UK English'. Alternatively, if only a few keys are broken or damaged, you can search for laptop replacement loose keys and track down the individual parts you need.

Searching for a new replacement keyboard

Many brands offer replacement keyboards, however sizes do differ from model to model. To find the correct one, look up your laptop's correct model number. If you cannot find it in the instruction manual, or you have mislaid it, look on the underside of the machine or below the screen.

An eMachine laptop model number should be located on a sticker with several other numbers, including the serial number. The model number will be situated on the top left hand side of the sticker, above the barcode. Now you have the model number, a quick search should locate the correct replacement keyboard for your laptop.

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