Understanding the Different Types of Lighting for Films

As a filmmaker, your job is to convey stories through the art of painting a scene with various lighting or through imagery. With lighting, you are able to construct stories in relation to emotions and colour tones without ever having to move your subject. On eBay, there are various affordable lighting options to choose from when seeking to enhance your art of storytelling through film. 

What is a key light used for in filmmaking? 

The key light is the light that lights up the entire scene. It is the main source of light that is used for imagery. When all other lights are turned off, the key light is the light that remains on to light the subject during the scene. The Fresno Spotlight is a type of professional key light used for filmmaking. 

When should you use a backlight in filmmaking? 

Backlights are commonly used when you want to create an edgy or dramatic effect on your subject. Backlights are used in conjunction with a soft light hitting the subject from the front. Sometimes there is no front light at all. The idea is to leave darkness in areas between the backlight and the fill light. The backlight can also be used to create a silhouette of your subject. 

What kind of lighting should you use for video production? 

There are many forms of lighting for film and video production. Each light source paints a specific picture that is catered towards telling its own story. Different light sources should also be used in specific environments, depending on the story and mood you are trying to convey. Lighting that is used for videography include the following:  

  • Tungsten light kits:This type of film lighting is commonly used in the industry of video production. The light that is produced by tungsten lights resembles that of incandescent light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are normally used for indoor lighting. As a result of the similarities between the two light sources, tungsten light kits are commonly used when needing an indoor light setup.
  • HMI light kits:Videographers gravitate toward this lighting kit when needing to light outdoor scenarios. HMI lights are also used to create an outdoor light source that shines into the interior of buildings and homes. These lights are extremely powerful. This allows them to have the ability to be used to light sets that are very large.