flight case handle

Add Handles to Your Flight Cases for Convenient Carrying Options

If you need to replace the handle on your flight case or you would like to add a new one, you can find several options for handles and mounting hardware on eBay. Cases with handles may make it easier for you to carry electronics, violins, and other instruments or several pieces of equipment at once as you are travelling. 

What kinds of case handles can you purchase? 

Handles for your cases are available in several styles to suit your needs or adapt to the kinds of storage compartments you use. Some types of handles include extra features for your convenience or use unique form factors. A few of the most common and reasonably priced handle types you will find on eBay are the following:  

  • Standard- The standard grip attaches to your case using a few small mounting screws. It is a bar design that you can grab when transporting your case. You can position the bar flat against the lid when it is not in use.
  • Spring-loaded- A handle with a spring mechanism will stay recessed completely within the lid when you are not using it. A simple flick causes the spring to release the bar so that you can grab it.
  • Straps- A strap will function similarly to a bar, but it may offer you some extra flexibility.

What kinds of materials do handles use? 

Handles for travelling cases can come in a variety of basic materials. You may wish to choose a handle based on its material for its appearance, physical properties, or texture. Some common materials you can choose from include the following:  

  • Metal- Metal provides a durable handgrip material that may have a chrome or matte finish.
  • Rubber- Rubber grips are soft and flexible. They should be durable enough to withstand the elements and debris as you travel.

Can you purchase used case handles? 

eBay offers a wide selection of both new and pre-owned case handgrips for your perusal. In most cases, used items are ready for you and will still function as intended. Some used items may not include their original packaging or a set of mounting screws, but many of them will still have everything you need. You may see slight cosmetic blemishes on the pre-owned handle of your choice. These markings are a normal part of the wear and tear that affects used items. You can find helpful categories on eBay that will sort through the brand new and used items for your convenience.