Level Up Your Games With a Gaming PC i7 Processor

With cutting-edge games being developed all around, everyone is excited to upgrade their own custom gaming PC to have a better gaming experience. Speed and graphics are really the keys to having it so your computer never slows down and has intense animations. For this reason, Intel i7 computer desktop with its high-end performance is manufactured to cater to the gaming world. 

How do you choose what i7 PC to buy? 

There are a lot of desktop computers available, but here are the things to consider in buying one:  

  • RAM (random access memory)- The rule of thumb with computers is that the more memory you have, the more tasks can be processed. It's the area that stores the needed content in your games so it can load out your game, providing a smooth experience. For instance, having a desktop i7 processor with 16GB of RAM will let you have a better gaming experience than with only a 2GB of RAM.
  • GPU (graphical processing unit)- This is the processor specialised for display functions. They're the ones rendering the image and loading the animations of the game, so it's a really important factor in your PC. They also come with dedicated memory ranging from 1GB up to 32GB, with the latter allowing faster frame rates giving maximum performance.
  • Battery life- Longevity and performance of the battery is sometimes overlooked, but having a good battery can let you spend more time with your PC and have longer playing hours.

Are there different types of Intel i7 computers? 

It's true that gaming PC i7 processors deliver a fantastic gaming experience to its users, but it comes in a variety or what is called generations. Here are some examples of model years:  

  • 5th generation- Launched way back in early 2015, this is the older out of all generations. It has an average of two to four cores and a maximum turbo frequency of 3.8GHz in its line. Products include i7 5775R and i7 5550U, among other processors.
  • 6th generation- This line was first launched in the latter part of 2015 continuing up to mid-2016. It also has an average of two to four cores but has a higher maximum turbo frequency of 4.2GHz. Products include i7 6700K and i7 6870HQ, among other processors.
  • 7th generation- Intel didn't stop their upgrade and launched on the latter part of 2016 their 7th gen processors. This line still has an average of two to four cores but yet again has a higher maximum turbo frequency of 4.5GHz. Products include i7 7700 and i7 7820EQ, among other processors.
  • 8th generation-Yet again surpassing their own technologies, from 2017 up to 2018 they continued to release more upgraded processors. This line now produced a maximum number of six cores and has a maximum frequency of 5.0GHz. Products include i7 8700K and i7 8809G, among other processors.
  • 9th generation- On the last quarter of 2018, they launched a product starting this line of generation. It has eight cores and a maximum frequency of 4.9GHz. The first product is called i7 9700K.

What does a custom gaming PC come in a bundle with? 

More often than not, if you buy a desktop computer, it already has peripherals included in its package. This typically includes, but is not limited to: a desktop case, cooling fan, mouse, keyboard, and a hard disk drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD) serving as its memory. Some bundles also include a bonus USB flash drive and/or speakers. 

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