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iMac 21.5in. Apple Desktops & All-In-One Computers

The Apple iMac is one of the company's longest-running brands. iMacs are all-in-one computers, with no "tower" or other chassis separating them from the included screen. They are laptop-like in design, with lighter construction, thin bezels and curving stands. The iMac 2017 is Apple's yearly rendition of the iMac, with a base screen size of 21.5 inches and more powerful components than previous iMacs.

What is typically included with an iMac?

As a general rule, an iMac comes with a power supply, necessary wires, and a mouse and keyboard set, as well as the all-in-one computer itself, in addition to the user manual.

What features are different between a 2017 and Pro iMac?

The iMac 2017 offers a number of different specs, including either on-board or discrete graphics cards, the latter of which is more useful for gaming. The iMac Pro universally offers stronger hardware components, but there are several other key differences for end users:

  • The iMac 2017 has a silver design, compared to Space Grey for an iMac Pro.
  • The iMac 2017 typically features Fusion Drives instead of SSD storage.
  • The iMac 2017 has fewer Thunderbolt ports and a maximum of 1Gbps Ethernet.
  • The iMac 2017 is slightly smaller and lighter to carry, particularly in its 21.5-inch version.
Can the iMac 2017 be upgraded?

Yes. Most of the time, the RAM of an iMac can easily be upgraded; Apple has made it possible for even very novice users to access the RAM compartment and perform an upgrade. Other upgrades are much more difficult and would generally constitute DIY work. An Apple iMac refurbished may already have RAM or other upgrades.

Is the Apple iMac water-resistant?

No, neither the iMac itself nor the included keyboard is water-resistant. Water damage to the desktop is possible, so using a screen cleaning solution is best for removing smudges and dirt, both from the screen itself and from the base. Using an iMac in the UK is the same as anywhere else as long as it is not used in the rain or otherwise exposed to the elements; when necessary, an iMac should be stored tightly before moving it outside.

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