iPhone 6: Still Worth Its Salt in 2019

The iPhone 6 was the first iPhone to sport a bigger 4.7-inch screen, striking the right balance between screen size and form-factor. Find the iPhone 6 64GB on eBay if you are not fancying the current giant-screen phones or the 4-inch iPhones make you feel claustrophobic.

The unmistakable iPhone 6 design

In terms of its exterior, the iPhone 6 is a drastic shift from the metal and glass iPhone 5S. The phone's all-aluminium body has a more industrial vibe. It is less fragile than its predecessors and, therefore, far more usable. The metal rear curving neatly across its sides renders the overall design clean and simple. There are very few seams and zero ugly clutter.

Key iPhone 6 specifications

With the iPhone 6, the iPhone took a giant leap forward. Its specifications make that quite evident:

  • The screen measures 4.7-inches diagonally and sports a bright IPS screen that boasts solid viewing angles and great colour reproduction. The pixel density is 326 PPI, which means you will not be able to discern individual pixels.
  • The A8 processor ensures everything from opening apps to switching between apps to playing games is snappy. The A8 also bundles in the M8 motion coprocessor that lets the phone passively track your elevation, steps, and more.
  • The 8MP camera is a new sensor, which not just takes crisp and ready-to-upload pictures, but it also goes about its job swiftly. However, the 1080p 60fps video shooting capability is the aspect that feels the most improved from the 5S.
  • The 64GB ROM is supported by a gig of RAM. Though 1GB might look a bit too little on paper, Apple’s software and app optimisations save the party.
  • The 1810 mAh battery should easily last a day. If you’re a light user, your battery should come good for a few more hours.
What are the iPhone 6’s connectivity features like?

With the iPhone 6, NFC comes built into an iPhone for the first time. Also, there is support for Voice over LTE and faster LTE, in addition to Wi-Fi calling and new Wi-Fi standards. The speaker mounted at the bottom is brighter and louder compared to the 5S. These subtle, yet necessary enhancements make the phone feel a lot more polished and reliable than previous iPhones.

Who will the iPhone 6 appeal to the most in 2019?

The iPhone 6 will perhaps appeal the most to the folks who are still using an iPhone 5S or a previous-gen iPhone and are finding the 4-inch screens a bit too small and antiquated. If you are coming from an iPhone 5 or 5S, you would also appreciate the significantly improved performance and optics. The iPhone 6 can also be an ideal phone for people who want a compact phone that doesn’t dig a hole in their pockets.