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iPhone XR 64GB: The Best-Selling iPhone of 2019

The iPhone XR 64GB was Apple’s best-selling iPhone in the initial half of 2019. Fast performance, longer battery life, and great cameras bundled together in an affordable and colourful package are probably the reasons. Find the iPhone XR 64GB in all its colours on eBay.

Key iPhone XR 64GB specifications

Despite being cheaper than the iPhone XS, the XR is no slouch when it comes to hardware and specifications. It boasts:

  • The same powerful, superfast, and reliable A12 Bionic chip that powers the XS and XS Max.
  • A 6.1-inch IPS Retina display that is bright, big, and colourful. It’s protected by the same scratch-resistant glass that’s used on the more expensive XS.
  • A single rear 12MP camera that takes impressive portraits and has OIS built-in. The front-facing 7MP camera is capable of 1080p video recording.
  • A 2942 mAh battery that offers close to 11.5 hours of runtime on a single charge – one of the longest in its class.
  • 3GB of RAM, Face ID, six fun colours, IP67 water resistance, four-core GPU, a bunch of sensors, and more.
The iPhone XR 64GB design

The 6.1-inch screen sounds big on paper, but since the XR has hopped onto the notch train and has slimmer bezels on all its three sides, it doesn’t look too big or is not unwieldy like the 5.5-inch screen-packing iPhone 8 Plus. The notch houses the TrueDepth camera to help you log in through Face ID, and also have some fun with Memoji and Animoji and snap portrait selfies. Compared to OLED, LCD screens are a bit difficult to manipulate. Therefore, it’s quite impressive to see Apple delivering an almost full-screen iPhone XR front design that curves at the edges ever so slightly.

What colours does the iPhone XR 64GB come in?

If the iPhone XS’ limited colour choices look a bit too conservative, the six different colours in which the XR comes would impress you. The available colours are white, black, yellow, blue, red, and coral. All these hues come with colour-matched aluminium frames, which blend seamlessly with the phone’s back. The colours aren’t too bright and, therefore, don’t look tacky or give an ‘in your face’ vibe.

Is the iPhone XR’s 64GB storage space enough in 2019?

For most people, 64GB is still more than adequate in 2019, especially with cloud-based storage solutions helping store your photos, movies, and music. Generally, photos are frequent storage hogs on a smartphone. As iPhone cameras are becoming better at photography and videography with every new generation, photos are becoming sharper and bigger than ever before. If it wasn’t for cloud-based storage solutions that automatically upload these captures to the cloud, managing space on a 64GB XR would have been difficult.