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Listen to your favourite music with an iPod

Ever since their release in 2001, one of Apple's flagship products has been the iPod line. It quickly became one of the most desired MP3 players of the noughties. With most products prior to the latest iPod Touch being discontinued by Apple, like the iPod Nano, you can find most of the rare finds here on eBay. 


Prior to touchscreen technology, all of Apple's iPod products utilised the famous iPod click wheel, allowing you to scroll by running your finger along the wheel in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. This allows extremely quick control while you search for your favourite songs. 

Use your favourite pair of earphones to listen to up to 128 GB worth of music at a time, capable of storing a large variety of songs, as well as an enormous amount of apps if you prefer an iPod Touch. 

No matter what song you add to your phone, no matter how unknown the artist is, your iPod will auto-sort it into a genre, allowing you to access whatever music you are in the mood for to listen to. If you have an iPod shuffle, however, then whatever song is played will be completely randomised for those who want to go for a jog and not have to worry about adjusting their playlists. 

The iPod Touch

Venturing into more iPhone-like territory, the iPod Touch can install apps of all kinds as an extra form of entertainment, such as games and social media. This is made possible with an A8 chip built in on a 64-bit architecture, giving the iPod Touch the power it needs. 

Lasting 40 hours with music and 8 hours with video playback, the iPod Touch can be used ideally for long journeys on any form of transport. Watch videos in a resolution of up to 1136x640p, giving you more viewing space than former iPod models. 

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