Fuel Your Passion for Football with an Iran Shirt

Are you looking to add an Iran shirt to your collection or get it as a gift? Then, you can quickly find one on eBay where you will find genuine and replica shirts of the Iranian football team. Football kits are available in all styles whether you are looking for a vintage shirt or the 2018 World Cup home kit.

Can you get retro Iran football shirts?

Yes, some of the shirts worn during past football seasons are available. The plain red kit with IRAN written across the chest is one of the most common retro kits. You can also find the green and white Iran shirt, which is another retro football kit of the national team.

How do you pick an ideal Iran shirt?

Buyers have a large collection from which to select when it comes to Iranian football shirts, including genuine and replica models. To find the right one, consider:

  • The year: From which season do you want your Iran shirt? The design and colours of team shirts vary with seasons. Find out the official colours of the year that you prefer to ensure you buy the correct kit.
  • Home or away: Football teams have different shirts for home and away games, so decide which one you want. In some instances, a tournament can have official fan shirts.
  • Size: Iran football skirts are available in many sizes, including kids' sizes. Know the correct size of the wearer before picking your football shirt. Size ranges or charts are usually available to help.
What are the official colours of the Iran 2018 shirt?

Adidas made the kit for Iran's 2018 World Cup campaign and chose a red and white colour scheme. The red away shirt uses Adidas' Tabela 18 template with subtle horizontal stripes. It has the Adidas logo and team shield stitched in white on either side of the chest. At the centre of the chest is a Persian cheetah. The shirt number is in white with three white stripes on the shoulder. It has a round neckline with a hint of white on the hemline. For the home football kit, the white Iran shirt is accented with red cuffs on the sleeves and three red stripes on the shoulders. The Iranian team badge is on the left side of the chests while the three Adidas stripes are on the right. Player numbers are denoted in black. It has a V neckline with a red hem.

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