Protect and Customise Your MacBook Air With a 13-Inch Case

The MacBook Air is Apple's version of an ultra-thin, lightweight laptop computer. You can get cases for both the 13-inch model shell or for carrying and protecting your laptop during transport. Exploring the wide selection of cases on eBay can help you find the product that meets your needs. 

Can you get different types of cases? 

eBay offers different types of MacBook Air 13-inch cases to meet a variety of needs. If you know the kind of case you want for your MacBook, you can use the categories on eBay to narrow your search results and find the products that meet your requirements. Some common types of cases you will discover are:  

  • Shell:The hard shell for a 13-inch MacBook Air is specially designed and machined to be a very thin form factor. eBay offers multiple colour options.
  • Sleeve:Sleeves are designed to fit a 13-inch laptop snugly and provide padding to protect the device. You may be able to carry other accessories in the sleeve.
  • Bags:Some cases are designed like bags. An interior compartment holds your laptop in place.

Do MacBook Air cases come in different materials? 

Manufacturers produce cases for 13-inch MacBook Air laptops using a variety of basic materials. You can use eBay to find your preferred material, or you can browse through the site's entire selection. Materials can differ based on their appearance, texture, or physical properties. Some common options you will find on eBay are:  

  • Canvas:Canvas is a lightweight laptop case material that you can dye to take on many colours or patterns.
  • Leather:You can find MacBook Air cases in both genuine and synthetic leather. This leather may be available in multiple colours.
  • Nylon:Nylon cases are synthetic, lightweight storage units that are intended to be durable.
  • Plastic:If you prefer a hard cover for your MacBook, you may wish to try something made from rigid plastic.

What item conditions can you choose? 

eBay's wide array of MacBook storage products includes both new and pre-owned items. If you choose a new item, it should arrive with its labels, tags, and original packaging intact. There shouldn't be any signs of cosmetic damage on these items. You can purchase many used cases from eBay as well. A pre-owned storage compartment for your laptop may have slight signs of cosmetic wear, but it should function normally. 

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