Everything You Need to Know About Selecting no!no! Hair Removal Devices

There are many products available to purchase for the purpose of hair removal. Each one has its own unique way of removing unwanted body hair such as the no!no! hair removal product. There are multiple versions of no!no! hair removal products available for affordable prices on eBay with different models, accessories, and colours for any person's hair removal needs. 

How do no!no! hair removers work? 

The no!no! hair remover family of products are not laser hair removal devices. No!no! hair removers use innovative thermicon technology. Thermicon hair removal uses heat, not light like laser hair removers do, to remove your unwanted hair. Each unit uses a thermicon tip that provides space between your skin and the heating unit on the device. The warmth from the device heats up the hair follicle all the way down to the root, crystallizes it, and then buffs the skin smooth. 

What are some different models of no!no! hair removers? 

When choosing the right no!no! hair remover for your hair removal and grooming needs, you might consider the following options:  

  • no!no! Micro hair removal device - The micro option offers the same features of the PRO device and is perfect for those who happen to travel frequently or will need it while they're on the road.
  • no!no! PRO hair removal device - The PRO device is the standard option, offering you three different treatment levels.
  • no!no! ULTRA hair removal device - The ULTRA hair removal device offers the same three treatment levels as the PRO unit, but it offers the ability for skin treatment attachments.

What parts of the body can you use this remover? 

no!no! hair removal devices can be used with any colour hair and any shade of skin, including even tattooed skin. It is safe to use them on your legs, arms, chest, back, underarms, chin, neck, upper and lower lips, and bikini area. Note that it is NOT safe for you to use it on your genital, nipple, or buttocks areas. 

What is included with this device? 

Each device comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, charging cable, buff pad, and quick start guide unless otherwise noted by the auction listing. The following are optional products that are available to be used with your device.  

  • Daily moisturizer lotion
  • Rejuvenating serum
  • Smooth after treatment
  • Wide or narrow thermicon tips
  • Extra buff pads

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