pier caps

Choose the Right Pier Cap for an Attractive Finishing Touch

Pier caps add a protective and decorative touch to the piers on a wall or entryway. The caps keep rain, insects, and debris out of the interior of the pier. There’s a huge range of pre-owned pier caps available on eBay, so you should have no trouble finding a style that beautifully sets off your project.

What’s the difference between stone, cast stone, and concrete pier caps?

Most of the inexpensive pier caps are made of cast stone or concrete. This doesn’t mean they’re inferior. It’s just a reflection of the fact that they’re manufactured products, so they can be produced at a lower cost.

Cast stone may also be called reconstituted stone or composition stone. It’s made by mixing compounds such as chipped stone, sand, and cement in various proportions. The material is usually dry-moulded to make a dense product with no air holes.

Concrete pier caps are made of wet-moulded concrete. Wet moulding results in a less dense material that may have bug holes and air holes. This isn’t considered a flaw; it’s just the nature of the product.

Natural stone is significantly more expensive than cast stone or concrete. Sandstone and limestone are commonly used, but granite or even marble are also available. Hand-carved, natural stone pier caps are a luxury choice that would enhance any installation.

Is it a good idea to buy used pier caps?

Buying used can be a great way to lower the cost of a project. Pier caps of all types are quite durable. As long as they’re not damaged, they should be fine to use. You should avoid any that have cracks, of course, since they won’t do their job of sealing the top of the pier.

Pier caps are often reclaimed when walls are brought down or replaced. If you want something really special, look for antique reclamations. You may be able to find stunning stone pier caps that are hand carved and weathered. Highly decorative terracotta caps also turn up occasionally on the antique market.

Pier caps with finials

Finials give your caps an air of prestige. You may like pier caps that have ball finials or pineapple finials made in a piece with the flat base.

If you cant find an all-in-one finial cap that you like, just be sure to buy caps that have a flat top. They can have finials mounted on them later when you find something you prefer.