What Type of Shower Backplate Is Right for You?

Shower wall plates, sometimes called shower backplates or shower escutcheon plates, are the fixtures that seal wall openings at the point where the shower head protrudes. They come in a variety of finishes, shapes, and sizes. You can find an assortment of shower backplates when you shop on eBay. 

What’s the function of a backplate? 

Backplates aren’t only used in showers. They are also used under sinks, in the backs of toilets, and behind water heaters. They serve both an aesthetic and a functional purpose. Shower backplates reduce the likelihood of water seepage at the point where the water supply pipe, shower valves, and fittings exit from the wall. Shower backplates also provide a decorative element that disguises unsightly plumbing pipes in areas that are exposed to view. 

What should you look for when you’re buying a backplate? 

Shower plates are attached to walls with screws. These screws may be visible, or they may be hidden from view by a cap. Typically, these screws are either Philips screws or hex screws. The holes these screws go through may be positioned differently on different backplates. They are usually positioned at 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock, but occasionally they may be positioned at 2 o’clock and 7 o’clock. When you are purchasing a replacement wall plate for your shower, it’s important to buy one whose holes are in the same position as the original plate. 

What types of finishes are shower backplates available in? 

Shower backplates are available in a variety of different finishes:  

  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel doesn't rust, which makes it ideal for plumbing. This makes stainless steel an ideal material for shower back plates in commercial settings, such as gyms.
  • Brushed nickel: Brushed nickel is a warm, matte, or semi-gloss finish that is appealing in a range of home decors.
  • Brass: Many plumbing fixtures are made of brass, which means that the shower plates don’t need to be electroplated in order to achieve their warm golden look. Brass is known for its durability and can stand up to hot water without fading or tarnishing.
  • Chrome: Chrome is actually a type of brass finish. Unlike untreated brass, however, chrome has been treated to have a shiny silver finish.
  • Plastic: Plastic shower escutcheon plates stand up to rust and corrosion and are often far less costly than metal wall plates. They are manufactured in an assortment of colours, shapes, and sizes.