The HDMI Wall Plate: Making Your Media Setup More Streamlined

For a variety of reasons, the HDMI format has become a widely-used format for projecting both video and audio. As a result, products like media PCs have taken off, which is why many users seek out a means of making their HDMI cabling setups neater and more streamlined. For this reason, the HDMI wall plate can help organise the cabling for this audio/video format, and eBay makes finding these unique and low-priced wall adapters simple and easy. 

What are some uses for an HDMI wall plate? 

There are multiple uses for the HDMI wall plate. Here are a few:  

  • For media PC setups:If you own a media PC, you can use an HDMI plate to wire the media PC in one room and connect your HDTV to it in an adjacent room so that the media is accessible.
  • For wiring multi-monitor displays:There are products on the market that have multiple HDMI connectors, which will allow you to hook multiple monitors up to a single HDMI source. This can allow for multi-monitor displays so you can make one larger single item or display different items on each monitor.
  • To connect televisions to wired home content networks:If your home has an in-home cable system, these can be used to allow for a single connector to provide access to the cable content on multiple displays.
  • To extend the functionality of traditional wall plates:Sometimes in an office environment, companies opt to display company information for potential clients on HDMI displays. With one of these products, you can opt to stream content to multiple displays at once without having a wiring mess.

What kinds of materials are HDMI plates made from? 

Like standard wall plates, you can find these HDMI wall plates in a wide variety of materials. These can include the following:  

  • Stainless steel:This is a durable material that fits well in an office environment.
  • Plastic:Most plastic HDMI plates are durable and easy to install.
  • Pewter:Pewter is a metal alloy with a classic look that can work out well in some decors.
  • Ceramic:These are easy to clean and maintain and have a tendency to last for a long time.

Can these support a 3D signal? 

If you have a 3D-compatible television, then you can use HDMI to broadcast this content for your favourite programmes. If you have a high-speed HDMI cable, then you can typically transmit and receive 3D programming, which means that a standard HDMI wall plate should be able to manage the content with relative ease.