Wheeled Business Suitcases Make Travelling Easier

When you're on the go and need to take your clothes or heavy belongings with you, consider having a wheeled suitcase to make your travels easier. Almost every wheeled suitcase can handle a lot of weight without any trouble. Stop stressing about having to lift your heavy bags while you travel, because these wheeled suitcases, which are available on eBay at various price points, are just what you need. 

What styles of briefcases are there? 

You can basically choose from two types of luggage cases. Men's and women's suitcases are available, but most of the suitcases that are sold on eBay are unisex. The suitcase style is basically a regular suitcase but with two or four wheels. The cases with two wheels allow the bag to only move straight without any lifting. The bags with four wheels provide you with the opportunity to turn the case in a complete circle. 

The tote products are very similar to a briefcase on wheels. These items are suitable for executives who have to bring important items with them while travelling. 

What is the exterior of the briefcase made from? 

There are three types of exteriors to choose from on eBay.  

  • Hard shell- The hard shells are made of strong, durable plastic or aluminium and are easy to wipe clean with a cloth and some water. They prevent staining and are not easily damaged.
  • Business- The softer wheeled business cases usually allow you to get a little more stuff inside of them, and they usually come with more colour and style choices. These products are typically made of canvas, leather, or nylon.
  • Hybrid- You can also choose from the hybrid luggage option. This type of suitcase is made from a combination of hard and soft exteriors. If you're unsure which type to get, the hybrid could be the right choice for you.

What are some of the features of these business cases? 

The new and used cases on eBay come with a variety of features. Some bags will have many of the features, and others may be more limited. Besides having pockets, mobile phone holders, luggage tags, locking mechanisms, and specialised sections, the cases also come in many different colours. Some of the possible colours include:  

  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black

How large are the wheeled cases for women? 

The actual suitcase style of luggage can typically hold at least 10 shirts, slacks, and undergarments without too much trouble. For specific sizing, read the listing carefully.