Stand Out at the Fancy Dress Party with a Where's Wally Outfit

There's no hiding in the crowd when you're dressed as the guy that everybody's looking for, but that's part of the fun - especially if you happen to be trying to keep track of all the members of your Where's Wally hen party. The Where's Wally books have been entertaining children and adults since 1987, so your costume is likely to bring back fond memories. If you're desperate to get Where's Wally fancy dress with next day delivery, are on the hunt for an affordable costume, or want an easily duplicated group costume, try eBay for a range of styles and price points.

Is Where's Wally adaptable for all ages and sizes?

The Where's Wally books have been translated into dozens of languages for distribution around the world, and your Where's Wally costume is equally adaptable. Plus-size or petite, feminine or masculine, the Wally character is a world traveller who enjoys meeting all types of people. On the hunt for a fancy dress Where's Wally for adults? Need a Where's Wally fancy dress children's outfit? You'll find a wide selection at eBay suitable for all shapes and sizes, at prices you can afford.

What should a Where's Wally costume include?

Whether you pull together your costume from regular clothes or opt for a packaged costume, there are a few things your Where's Wally outfit should include. Every Where's Wally should have:

  • Blue jeans or trousers.
  • A red and white horizontal striped shirt.
  • A white wool hat with red rim and pompom.
  • Round black glasses.
  • Brown shoes.
  • A brown walking cane.
What other Where's Wally characters are there?

In the Where's Wally books, there are a handful of recurring characters who can add variation within your group's theme or provide alternative Where's Wally hen party outfits. Here's a list of some Where's Wally secondary characters:

  • Wilma: Wally's former girlfriend, who wears the same hat as Wally, a red and white striped shirt, blue skirt, red and white striped stockings, narrow glasses, and carries a red and white striped umbrella.
  • Wenda: Wilma's twin sister and Wally's girlfriend, who wears the same outfit as Wilma.
  • Odlaw: Wally's enemy, whose striped outfit is yellow and black, with shaded glasses and a moustache.
  • Woof: Wally's dog is small and white with a red and white striped outfit, and a hat.
  • Wizard Whitebeard: Easy to spot with his long white beard, red cloak, striped staff, and grey hat.
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