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A 50-inch TV in your living room can help deliver the cinematic experience you want at home. Wall-mountable options enhance the experience even more, but a TV stand does the job just as well when the former is not possible. Choose a plasma screen for the ultimate in high definition. Models with built-in Freeview reduce the amount of necessary wiring.

Get truly connected with internet capable options that allow a connection to on-demand movie services, such as Sky, Netflix, and BlinkBox, without the need for a satellite dish. Edge-to-edge screens do away with traditional surrounds and provide a sleeker viewing experience. Buy a 50-inch TV on eBay to enjoy the cinema any night at home.

About 50 inch TV

As the 50 inch TV has found its way into more and more homes, the number of features has increased dramatically to make this electrical product more than just a simple means of viewing content. Image quality standards are constantly being developed to include a higher amount of pixels and lines, while colour display standards are also a competitive area from one manufacturer to another. The ability to have a surround sound effect without needing additional speakers is also built in to many TV sets. 3D content is viewable on many 50 inch TVs, but it is important to remember that there are two different standards in use. While passive 3D offers cheaper glasses, the overall picture definition is reduced. Active 3D offers viewers an image at the same resolution as 2D content, however, the glasses are more expensive as they contain individual technology for processing the image. Before investing in a 3D TV, it is also a good idea to check the devices that will be attached to the TV to ensure that they are all compatible. When a TV set is described as 'Smart,' it comes with integrated software for apps that include catch-up TV services, games, and other means of displaying information. By connecting the TV to the Internet through a wireless or cable connection, further apps can also be downloaded alongside the audio-visual content, and existing apps can be updated whenever necessary. If the manufacturer releases new software that operates the entire TV, this can also be broadcast over this data connection.