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About 60s Wallpaper

The 1960s were known as a period of bright colour and big patterns, and '60s wallpaper emulates that well. Homeowners are still using wallpaper in their homes, especially in themed spaces. A single accent wall covered in wallpaper adds enough of the theme to tie in the design. A large portion of these designs are paisley, flowers, rainbows, and intricate line work. The most common colour combinations are oranges, yellows, and greens. Purchasing '60s wallpaper can become a talking point for guests. Shades of purple and blue are ideal for borders to add a small retro vibe to a bedroom space.

An entertainment space, such as a party room or themed sunroom area, is an ideal location for retro colours and wallpaper. You can find a style of '60s wallpaper on eBay in multiple colours and patterns that are era-specific. Display your appreciation for the retro style by decorating your home with 1960s-inspired wallpaper, and complete the retro decor with retro accessories.