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About Adidas Forest Hills

Adidas was originally formed back in 1920, by the Dassler brother Adi and Rudolph. They parted company in 1948, and both branched out separately with Adi forming the official Adidas brand, after registering the company?s now well-known three stripes trademark. Originally the stripes were developed in order to help stabilise the middle of the foot, but are now a uniform part of the brand. Forest Hills are unique and synonymous to the Adidas brand and are a staple part of the wardrobe of any fashion connoisseur. Available in a wide variety of colour combinations, with some boasting brightly coloured rubber trim, people take reassurance that with the reputation and status of Adidas, they are purchasing a quality, comfortable, vintage pair of trainers when they purchase a pair of Forest Hills. Whether you are male or female, young or not, Forest Hills come in a wide range of sizes. Some have a plain white upper, with the three stripes in contrasting, pink, blue, yellow to name but a few. With the Adidas logo imprinted on the side of the sole, to reflect the style and street cred of the shoe. If you wanted to really stand out you could opt for a brighter main shoe, in grey or green which really enhances the three stripes. Dependant on your preference, you may chose a lace up or Velcro option, which can completely change the look of the shoe as well as the outfit it is dressed with. The possibilities are endless, as are the Forest Hills colour combination if you search for it.