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In looking for an Adidas hoody, your initial choice is in between men’s, women’s and kids’ variations. You then get to choose between different options depending on your requirement. For example, the clima lightweight hoody comes with special fabric to wick away sweat and is best suited for training. Other Adidas hoody versions cater to sports like football, rugby, tennis and basketball.

A light drizzle or a medium downpour, protect not just your body, but your head and hair as well.

About Adidas Hoody

Adidas are one of the best known brands in the world, and one of the most popular sportswear brands. Among the most popular items in their extensive catalogue is that of the Adidas hoody, available for men and women, and in a range of styles.

The Adidas Hoody

The Adidas hoody is not only an iconic item of sportswear, but also a popular piece of fashion clothing. Both the trefoil and mountain logos have become synonymous with comfortable and attractive clothing. In terms of logo, the trefoil was officially launched in 1972 and, although it was replaced by the mountain in 1990, it is still used for the design of the company’s Originals collection, including a number of hoodies.

History Of The Hoody

Hooded clothing dates back many centuries, but the modern hoody was introduced in the 1930s in America, where it became popular with those working outdoors that required protection from the freezing cold weather. The hooded sweater became even more popular in the 1970s, and was considered a true icon of fashion clothing in the 1990s. Hoodies were designed and produced by many of the top labels at this time.

Why Adidas?

With hoodies available from most clothing manufacturers, buying an Adidas is only one possible choice. Adidas was established by founder Adolf Dassler in 1948 and grew to become the world’s second largest sportswear manufacturer after Nike. The German company had a total revenue of just under €15bn in 2012 and produces clothing that is worn for sporting, as well as clothing that has become popular with people from all sub-cultures and that follow nearly all genres.

Hoody Styles

There are several styles of hoody available, including those with a zip up front and those that are pulled over the head. Kangaroo pouch pockets are popular, and there is usually a drawstring to adjust the opening of the hood. All forms of hoody have one thing in common – the existence of the hood. In terms of design, the sports and fashion styles are largely similar in their use of material and other features.


The Adidas hoody comes in many shapes and designs. For a classic 1990s look, you can buy one from the Originals series, marked by the use of the original Trefoil logo. Colours range from white to black and cover almost every hue imaginable. Sporty designs typically have a smaller logo on the left breast and have the three parallel bars, now associated with the Adidas brand, down the shoulders and arms of the top.


Obviously, every Adidas hoody has a hood, and the vast majority include a drawstring that enables the wearer to tighten or loosen the hood opening. Pockets may be placed on the sides of the top, while kangaroo pockets are more central in their placement. A front fastening zip may be used as a means of putting the top on, but some models are designs to be quickly and simply slipped over the head.

Buying An Adidas Hoody

When buying an Adidas hoody, always determine whether you are buying a new, a used, or a retro looking garment. Consider how you will be using the top in order to determine the best design and the best style that match your requirements. In particular, decide between a zip up hoody or a pullover style.