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About adidas Spezial

Nothing says "classic throwback" like Adidas Spezial trainers. The German sporting goods company not only designed them to look like the 1970s versions, but they made the shoes using the same techniques, giving them a touch of authenticity. These casual shoes feature the classic three-stripe design on the sides, treated suede material for a vintage look, and a rubber sole. They come in a variety of new designs, but Adidas occasionally reissues models from past editions, which people flock to buy. Some pieces sell out within hours, but you may be lucky enough to find an unworn pair on eBay. These stylish shoes are perfect for everyday wear, paired with comfortable jeans and a simple T-shirt. Alternatively, use a brightly coloured pair, such as Adidas Spezial blue or green trainers, to jazz up an ensemble for a night out. They come in a range of sizes, including half sizes, so if you would normally buy the Adidas Spezial 7, but find it is not the perfect fit, you can try a 6.5 or 7.5. Adidas Spezial trainers are comfortable whether you want to wear them for sport or to dance the night away.