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About Air Bottles

Those balls of paint can't shoot themselves out of the barrel of a paintball gun at your enemy?they need a little help. To power your paintball gun, you need an air bottle full of compressed air. The average paintball player prefers using air as a power source rather than nitrogen, as compressed air is more consistent and meshes better with the other components of the gun. Furthermore, temperature variations do not affect the ability of the air to splatter paint across the field. The output pressure of the average air bottle can range from 800 psi to 4,500 psi, depending on the brand, price, and size of the bottle. There are even accessories for air bottles for paintball gun enthusiasts, including gloves, micro gas gauges, remote coils, and "battle-tested" remote covers. You can shop for air bottles and their accessories on eBay, along with paintballs, paintball guns, and other gear. Log on eBay to get yourself ready for the battlefield, so you can strike fear into your enemies' hearts.