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About Animal Onesies

Animal onesies are great for fancy dress parties and general fun, and they offer something more than regular onesie garments - an animal theme that can be supplied in a number of different species. For sleeping in, they provide a unique alternative to regular pyjamas, and they are also ideal for colder months of the year due to the 'furry' materials that are used during manufacturing. Although they may have originally been invented as a product for kids, this fashion trend has also been picked up by adult fans of the onesie, and it is now something that the whole family can enjoy wearing. Cosplay parties are usually aimed towards adults, and guests enjoy dressing up as their favourite animal, TV/movie character or another type of novelty. Adult onesies are ideal for this kind of activity, as they provide an 'all in one' solution, as per the term 'onesie.' For specific events such as Christmas and Halloween, themed onesies are available that allow users to dress up as Santa, a skeleton and other associated characters. Another unique benefit of most onesies is that they are designed to be unisex - this applies to the garments for both kids and adults. Most fancy dress costumes require the wearer to buy various garments and accessories, but specialised onesies are supplied ready to wear. For an extra touch of fancy dress magic, onesies are also available with optional animal heads to complete the entire outfit, giving the full animal effect from top to tail.