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About Apple iPad Smart Covers

The smart cover is one of the best ways to protect your apple iPad products from any damage. Available in different sizes to fit the different generations of iPad, you can buy the smart cover for the iPad Mini, or the iPad Air, as well as the cover to fit older generations. Using a unique system of magnets, the smart cover locks in to place easily on the side of the iPad. The cover itself is slim but durable, and is strong and reliable without feeling bulky. The smart cover also has a soft micro fibre lining which is almost completely invisible - this keeps the cover clean and stops dirt and dust transferring to the screen. The most interesting feature of the smart cover is that it has three individual sections that can fold away individually. The cover can be folded in to a shape that makes it useful as a stand, meaning you can position the iPad on a table and use it as a viewable screen for more than one person. The screen can be removed completely with ease, and put back on again within seconds, allowing you to use your iPad in exactly the way you want to. Smart covers come in all sorts of different colours, including black, pink, green, silver, grey, red and blue. The colour the user chooses is sometimes thought of a reflection of their personality, but other people have many different colours and like to swap different styles in and out.