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Argan oil is more sought-after now than olive and coconut oil. It comes from the pressed nut of the Argan tree, a tree that lives up to two centuries but does not produce its nuts until it's 30-50 years old. Argan oil is made from nut seeds, or harvested from goat droppings.

Any dry spot on your body that needs moisturising, use argan oil. Dry hair, skin, and scalp are enriched.

About Argan Oil

Argan Oil is produced from Morocco's Argan tree and has become an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment for oily skin and hair. Because the Argan tree grows only in very specific and harsh conditions, it is one of the rarest oils in the world, which means it is priced accordingly '“ especially in its pure form. It is normally bought as a processed package, however, as a skin cream, shampoo or nail treatment and Argan oil is said to be of great benefit when used for a prolonged period of time in unroasted form. Used on the skin it is claimed that the oil will remove dark spots and dead skin and has been advocated as a major breakthrough in the treatment of juvenile Acne. Wrinkly, scaly skin can also benefit from the treatment, which removes the top layer of damaged skin to expose the healthy skin underneath. Argan oil is sometimes mixed with crushed pomegranate seeds due to its antioxidants and exfoliating properties. Argan oil is also used as a brilliantine for dry and brittle hair, as well as the scalp. It is claimed that just one application a month can work wonders for an itchy, damaged scalp and cure conditions like dandruff completely. Not only does it hydrate the skin, it also permeates each strand of hair to the root to hydrate and moisturise, which can even combat hair loss in some cases. It's a similar story for the nails, which are largely similar to hair strands in terms of pure structure. For those with yellowed, rough nails and dry skin, Argan oil can rehydrate them and make a major difference to the way you look. The nails regain their natural glow and the surrounding skin is rehydrated and looks healthier with regular use.