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Whether you are looking for an aux cable for your car, home, smartphone, tablet, or something else, eBay is your source. Aux cables are great for connecting your phone or music player to an external speaker.

Aux cables come in different colours so you can match your décor or colour code your connections. You will find flat, round, coiled, and retractable styles in various lengths so you won’t have an unnecessary tangle of cords. They are also available in male to male, male to female, or female to female, and also 90 degree jacks for low profile devices. Make the connections that work for you with an aux cable.

About Aux Cable

An AUX cable can connect devices like mp3 players to car stereos, home stereos, and speakers, enabling you to listen to the whole of your music collection wherever you are.

Using An AUX Cable

The beauty and benefit of items like iPods and mp3 players lies in their portability. Users can download or upload music tracks and listen to them anywhere, via set of headphones. Using an inexpensive AUX cable, they can also be connected to devices like a home stereo, a TV, or car stereo. This means that for a very small investment, it is possible to listen to your music collection through decent quality speakers, as well as through small headphones.

The 3.5mm Jack

An AUX cable is essentially two 3.5mm jacks with a cable connecting them. Both jacks are male, and one connects to the headphone socket of a device, acting as an output, and the other to the AUX input on the speakers or stereo that you wish to play through. Some home stereos offer dedicated iPhone docks, and these offer the benefit that you can also charge your device as well as listen to the music through your speakers. An AUX cable will not allow for the charging, only for the playing of music.

Attaching To Your Car Stereo

Many modern car stereos are sold as being iPod compatible, or compatible with mp3 players. This may mean that there’s an iPod or iPhone dock built in, but it is more likely that it means that there is an AUX input. This works in the same way as the AUX input in your home stereo, so you simply connect the two devices by using an AUX cable, enabling you to listen to the whole of your music collection while you’re in the car. Many people spend hours at a time behind the wheel, and connecting a portable media player to their car stereo, it can make the time pass a lot quicker.

Commonly, you plug your iPod in through the stereo itself, but sometimes, the AUX cable may connect through a socket in the glove box, in the centre console, or in anther compartment near the driver’s side of the front of the vehicle.

Fixing To Your Stereo

Another potential use of an AUX cable is to connect your mp3 player to your home stereo. Typically, we have the best speakers offering the best audio quality as part of our home stereo, and while a lot of quality is lost through the use of an AUX cable, it provides a viable and useful means of being able to transmit music from your mp3 library to decent quality speakers. Ensure that you choose a stereo AUX cable, because this enables your stereo to differentiate between noises, and to play different sounds from different speakers. This can make a big difference to the quality of the audio that you hear.

Using Speakers

If you have a set of speakers that are not connect to any stereo or other form of amplifier, then you may be able to use an AUX cable, but you will need to buy an amplifier. The iPod or mp3 player is not powerful enough to act as a transmitter for most speakers, and this means that you may have to make an additional investment.