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Perfumes, skincare and hair products, bags, cosmetics, personal care products, and even some clothing items—Avon seems to offer everything you need to take care of yourself. Start off with cosmetics bundles that include all the essentials, or try the products one by one, depending on your needs.

To make the best use of their cosmetics, the brand has a range of brushes and applicators. Trust the quality of Avon and find your favourites from the company's vast selection.

About Avon - Health & Beauty

Avon Products is an American manufacturer and distributor of beauty, household and personal care products that is famous for recruiting local distributors in a multi-level marketing scheme. It is the fifth largest beauty company in the world and in terms of pure manpower it is the second largest direct selling company in the world. The cosmetics giant offers every conceivable beauty product, from make-up and cosmetics brushes through to the premium 'Anew' anti-aging creams. With more than 125 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, Avon is known throughout the world for its quality, its price and also the range of products to match every skin tone. There are even different ranges that focus on endurance, if you're out for the night, or that subtle glow if you want the sunkissed look in the depths of winter. Avon's fragrances aren't as well known as the make-up, especially their scents for men, but they have gained a loyal following from those that have taken the plunge and ordered. Avon sells clothes, too, including versatile and cost-cutting items like a dress you can wear 16 different ways to achieve a new look each time. There are also comfortable shoes that can fold up and fit in a small bag for the journey to work and a number of other helpful and innovative ideas. Milla Jovavich starred in Avon's most recent campaign for its City Rush fragrance and actresses Zoe Saldana and Reese Witherspoon have fronted previous promotions.