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A baby carrier is the single most useful and versatile item of all your baby equipment, and the one in which your new baby will spend most of their time during the day. Baby carriers provide your baby with a strong, protective shell that is comfortable and warm, as well as being convenient for the parents. Once your baby is strapped safely inside, you can move them around with ease, without having to disturb them if they are asleep.

A baby carrier often doubles as a car seat, meaning you can not only move your baby around safely, but also strap them into your car without taking them out of the seat. Baby carriers have large, adjustable handles for carrying them and often have curved bases for rocking your baby to sleep.

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    baby bjorn baby carrier one

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    Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Miracle

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    baby bjorn one baby carrier

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    Baby bjorn baby carrier we

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    BNWB Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One

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About Baby Carriers

While many parents use a stroller to transport their baby, an alternative growing in popularity is the baby carrier. A baby carrier snuggles your baby against your body while leaving your hands free to go about your daily tasks.

The carrier allows your baby to relax and sleep while you are on the move. At first, when your baby is very young, the baby carrier will position them towards you but once your baby has gained steady control of their head and neck, the baby carrier can be used to carry your baby outwards, allowing them to face the world and become familiar with their surroundings.

Some front carriers can also be worn on the parents back which is very useful as your baby gets older and heavier.