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One of the biggest delights a newborn girl brings her parents is the enjoyment derived from dressing her up in beautiful baby girl dresses. They come in several styles but generally fall into one of two categories—practical dresses for everyday use and fancier ones for occasional wear.

Casual dresses are versatile choices for any season. They may have long or short sleeves and often feature cotton, or cotton blend, fabrics that are soft, comfortable, and easy to wash. Smocked dresses feature embroidered patterns and attractive designs, but can also be expensive. Sleeveless and collarless dresses, or jumpers, are easy to put on a baby girl and work well when layered over other tops and tights. Lastly, fancier dresses feature a larger number of feminine embellishments including bows, lace, or frills, and may be made of more expensive fabrics, such as lace, velvet, and satin.