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A baby gym consists of one or two arches made of plastic or wood, with a number of small toys suspended underneath. Though a simple device, it can play an important role in developing a baby's skills and motor control. When used from birth, it stimulates different senses as a baby grows. For example, newborns can focus on toys close to them, but by the time, they are six months old, they can see all the toys on the gym clearly. Their hand-eye coordination and motor skills also develop as they start exploring everything the gym has to offer.

Most baby gyms are brightly coloured and have different textures and sounds to stimulate a baby's senses. They often come with a play mat, which gives babies a comfortable place to lie on, and doubles as entertainment when they turn over. Moreover, a few battery-powered models are musical, giving children sounds and lullabies to listen to as they touch different buttons.

About Baby Gyms

If there’s one item that’s likely to be taking up space in the living room of any home with a young baby it’s a baby gym. These fun toys are a brilliant way to get little eyes and hands used to exploring, even from the very first days of life.

Baby gyms have become increasingly interactive and many feature parts with safety mirrors or shiny fabrics to stimulate baby’s eyes. Likewise there are often musical features, ranging from a squeaky toy to a full on lullaby playing machine that will soothe a tired and moaning baby. Tummy time is increasing lauded as being a very important way to help with a child’s development and a baby gym is the ideal safe and stimulating environment for this.