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About Baby Trikes

If you’re looking for an exciting baby gift that will be bags of fun for your little one, helping them to develop the skills they need along the way, then a baby trike is ideal. There are tons of different baby trikes to choose from that are suitable for boys or girls and come with a range of features that make riding them even more fun.

A baby trike generally incorporates a seat, handlebar and pedals for your baby or toddler and a long handle to the rear that makes the trike easy for a parent to push and keep them under control.

Baby trikes give lots of enjoyment, but they also help to improve essential skills like hand eye coordination, balance and motor skills. A baby trike is an incredibly versatile toy because your baby or toddler can use it on their own in the garden, or with you in the park. In fact, a baby trike can make a great alternative to taking the pram when you’re getting out and about and means that your toddler can do some of the work.

So if your baby isn’t quite ready for scooters or bikes then treat them to a baby trike instead and you can both enjoy taking those important next steps in development together.