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About Back to Wall Toilets

An ideal solution for fitting a toilet pan in a minimalist or a very small bathroom is a Back to Wall toilet. A back to wall toilet is one where the cistern is hidden and the toilet backs onto a wall. A lot of contemporary bathrooms use these units as hiding the cistern allows the room to look less "busy", essential for a cleanly styled theme, space saving theme. The best toilet for space saving, this is a pan designed to be fixed hard up against a wall. A cistern, usually sold separately, will need to be mounted behind the wall in an adjacent room or void space, with the flush handle or button also coming through the same wall. An elegant way to include some storage space for toilet rolls, air fresheners etc, is a small unit which is often included this backs onto the wall and onto which the toilet is fixed. These are usually sold as a package with pan, toilet set, unit, cistern and flush button included. The cistern is hidden inside the unit with slimline options available, so these can still be useful for small bathrooms. Toilet fixings need to be strong, so picking the right one for the room is important. A floor-fixed option is ideal if the backing wall cannot be sufficiently reinforced, but wall-fixed pans are also available if for example you have underfloor heating and can't drill fixings into the floor. Ensure prior to bidding that your pan comes with the necessary fixing kit as these can be expensive to buy separately.