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About Baseball Bats

Few sports are quite as popular in the US as Baseball, a past-time that dates as far back as the mid-18th century.

Baseball is a classic ‘bat and ball’ game, with two teams taking it in turns to bat and then field. (In this sense, it’s similar to Cricket, with the notable difference that baseball is a nine-a-side sport rather than an eleven-a-side one.

The aim of the sport is to simply score more runs than the opposing team by hitting the ball and then running around a series of plates. A run is scored when the batting members of the team return to the home-plate after running past all the rest.

Batting players can be 'out' in a number of different ways, such as a 'fly-out' which is when a ball, hit into the air, is caught by a fielder without it hitting the ground. This is out whether or not the batter runs. Another common method of dismissal is a 'strikeout', where a batsman makes three strikes before they are able to put the ball into play or taking a free advance to the first plate.

Baseball bats are obviously a vital part of equipment for baseball players, and remain buyable across the web.

As with all forms of sporting equipment, it's possible to purchase a range of different bats at different price points and from different manufacturers. Models that carry licenses from renowned players are naturally going to cost more, though some bats can be purchased second-hand if the user doesn't mind natural wear and tear.