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About Bearpaw Boots

Bearpaw boots have a familiar style that is reminiscent of UGG boots. The sheepskin upper and shaft combines with a thick rubber sole to make comfortable footwear. Sheepskin is a popular material for this style of boot because it regulates body temperature naturally, helping you to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can find Bearpaw boots available on eBay in a range of neutral colours, such as tan, black, and grey. The brand offers product lines for men, women, and children, so there is something for the whole family. You can find adjustable Bearpaw knitted boots that look even more cosy than the original version. Alter the height of the shaft by folding it down to turn a pair of long boots into pair of ankle boots. This comfortable, versatile casual footwear is ideal for keeping your feet at the right temperature all year round.