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About Beauty Trolleys

There are two main functions of a beauty trolley - the ability to store and organise a range of beauty accessories, and being able to transport the whole unit from one place to another. Open-styled beauty trolleys are designed to remain in the same building, perhaps being pushed between beauty stations, and suitcase-style trolleys are made to be transported over longer distances. Storage aside, these trolleys can also be used for providing beauty treatments when a working surface is added to the entire mobile setup. For use within a beauty salon, storage trolleys are available with varying numbers of trays or containers. If it is desirable for products to be visible at all times, open baskets can be used to ensure that everything is instantly accessible. In order to provide treatments in the same area as the storage drawers or shelves, trolleys can be found with a desk that extends across the whole area - this is a design that is similar to a computer desk in an office. When purchasing a unit with an integrated lamp, the user can also provide detailed treatments that include nail art. Travel trolleys are usually manufactured from hard wearing materials, and they are designed to cope with the stresses that come with travelling from location to location. For greater flexibility, many cases are supplied with moveable separators and dividers, and these allow the owner to store items of various sizes that will not move around during transit. If the intended contents have any significant value, products can be found with combination locks for a greater level of security.